Monday, August 25, 2008

Why are there such price differences when it comes to Adult Diapers?

Every diaper manufacturer will use different materials to make up the outside and more importantly, inside of the diaper. It would make sense that less expensive diapers are made with less expensive materials. This is one area where cheaper is not better. You don't have to pay an arm and a leg but here are the benefits that are experienced with a higher priced diaper product, really a higher quality diaper product. They are drier and more comfortable, no leaks; they are made with cloth like breathable material for your skin protection; they are made with absorbency indicators on the outside of the diaper, so as to not mistake when it is time to change; and, they are built with odor reducers for more confidence and security. When it comes to Bladder control, you want the tools you need to feel as you normally feel.

Where can I order my Adult Diapers with discrete shipping?

You can order them online at or contact one of our customer service representatives at (888)-246-7667.

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